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Fat-burning superfood powder. Keto and Paleo friendly!
« on: May 09, 2020, 09:28:57 am »
The Fat Loss formula is a Keto & Paleo-Friendly Superfood Powder designed to accelerate body fat loss, support lean muscle growth, and improve digestion for optimal metabolic health. A synergistic blend of Collagen Protein, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Anti-Inflammatories, and Antioxidants. An all-in-one superfood formula designed for daily use.
*Increases slimming and eliminates cravings

* Stimulates rapid weight loss

*Designed to bolster immunity

*15grams of lean, pure protein

*Prebiotics and probiotics

*Keto and Paleo-friendly and delicious

*Money and time saving - each meal cost approx $1.59

Click below to Start losing weight and feeling great today!
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