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BRIG boat - model Falcon 570
« on: April 22, 2021, 03:38:08 pm »
BRIG boat - model Falcon 570

Not so long ago, the BRIG designers created a roomy boat, an analogue of Eagle, but a more economical option - Falcon 620. And another model - Falcon 570.

Falcon 570 is an anti-crisis offer from BRIG for those who need a reliable boat with a lot of lifting capacity. On the tests, the F570 model showed exceptional running characteristics. Excellent seaworthiness and stability confirmed the correctness of the calculations of the geometry of the new bottom. The boat has a successful layout of the cockpit, a large space for the carriage of goods.

Unlike Falcon models smaller, the fuel tank is installed on the F 570. The F570 boat is shorter than F620 by 50 cm, but almost 200 kg is easier and slightly inferior in the carrying capacity. The cylonious cone is now a new form - "classic" (like most manufacturers of inflatable boats of this type). The novelty is produced in three modifications: the base model, the Deluxe version and the Sport version (Motorcycle Stand). We are confident that the price of Falcon 570 will pleasantly surprise you.

Falcon series is two family of boats:

Falcon Tenders - Yacht tenders, boats with a solid tight bottom, intended for use on board boats, yachts and other ships, as well as to rest on the water.

Falcon riders - boats, perfectly adapted for marine walks and entertainment.

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