Author Topic: Suggestions on necessary tools for COSER outings and performances  (Read 99 times)

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Friends who often COS should know that COSER often encounters many unexpected events whether it is on location or performance. It is as small as the hairnet without it, or as large as the damage to the props. Various situations will happen from time to time. Every time I encounter this kind of thing, I will be troubled. Let's take a look at some of the more headaches.

The first is to post on the Internet, go out to shoot on location and on stage to compete. The most troublesome thing encountered in the makeup process is basically this. The role of the hairnet is unquestionable, but it is also a part that is often forgotten in the process of organizing. When counting COS props and items, according to custom, the COS set of equipment is divided into wigs and hair accessories, costume jewelry, shoes, weapon props, etc. Therefore, the hair net is often ignored or omitted. The influence of this problem on boys is small, and girls will have a headache.
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The necessary things after the hairnet are hairpins and cowhide tendons. Help to wind up the hair and put away the sideburns on both sides, fix the hair net and so on. Hair clips can also be used to fix various headwear. So going out is also one of the essential equipment.

After that, there are the tip combs and mirror combs that are necessary for coser makeup and wigs. These two are also small tools that you often don't care about when you travel. In the venue, you can often see a Tuan Nong wig rushing to use a pointed tail comb. The focus of the mirror comb is actually the small mirror, making up, self-care wigs and clothing, etc. are very useful tools.

In fact, the most serious blow to the cos competition and location is the damage to the props. The most common damage is the breakage of long props. In the rehearsal before going on stage, this kind of situation is particularly prone to occur. The personnel are very serious before going on stage, and this kind of situation will occur if they are too hard. There is also damage to the props during transportation. At this time, in addition to skimming the excess materials, 502 glue and utility knife become indispensable emergency tools. Even if it can't be completely repaired, it's okay to survive a game and location. So this is also one of the more important travel tools.

Finally, in rehearsal and on stage, it is easy to get injured, especially the characters in the fight, so you can also bring some band-aids just in case. After all, it is difficult to buy band-aids in places like conference halls.
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