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A collection of equipment JOBE 2021 for sports and leisure on the water. First meeting

The leading global manufacturer of equipment and equipment for water sports, JOBE (Netherlands) announced the release of the new collection of 2021 years.

These are new products, a new design of popular models, modern innovations and development. Sports equipment specialists from the Netherlands have tried for your vacation on water in 2021 to be more interesting and exciting. Motto of the collection: - Double fun!

A variety of shapes, colors and capacity in popular inflatable towed attractions, new colors and design of safety vests and wetsuits, water skiing, boards, helmets, gloves, glasses, falats and other accessories, sportswear, equipment and shoes. The riot of paints, a large selection of a variety of options and direct deliveries to Ukraine from an exclusive distributor.

New JOBE design philosophy: unique shape, high functionality and automotive style. The form of the object must first correspond to its intended function and purpose. This design principle takes its origin in architectural design. The appearance of the goods of 2021 are adapted in such a way that it complements the individual characteristics of each product separately.

A few examples

Collection of Sup Board Collection
If you look at the design of the inflatable boards of Stand Up Paddle from JOBE, then notice that the handles and storage cords for storage are harmoniously integrated into the housing, which gives an elegant look and high functionality.

Boards for wakeboarding

In Wakeboard Knox, JOBE designers used Cellular SPEED sheets, which provide maximum rigidity under the ride feet. It gives an excellent response of the board on the movement of the Sportsman's legs and the complete sense of control. The wakeboard form is based on the functionality and structure of the cell. To emphasize this technique, the developers took care that this pattern in the form of cells attended in the external refinement.

In the coloring of the Wome Breach Sample 2021, a translucent paint and a special method of application is used to highlight the X sign in the center and show the inner board structure. This model has an excellent core, thanks to synthetic and carbon inserts. The new carbon frame technology with light carbon rods provides improved sensitivity, response and increases the strength of the board.

In the development of new models for wakeboarding boards, JOBE actively uses cooperation with the best professional riders of the world, and the results are superior to all expectations. These are truly high-tech modern wakes that enjoy sustainable demand all over the world, both at beginners and advanced riders.

Automotive design

In addition to using the form and functionality as the basis of the design, Jobe specialists also focused on the automotive design in their products. This is a style where luxury is encountered with sports and speed. Jobe adapted the design of towing attractions to sports cars.

We are confident that you will pick themselves the most fashionable safety vest, wetsuit, water skiing, Wike, Supping from a new collection of JOBE 2021.

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