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Internet of Things - is your smartwatch, Bluetooth audio speaker, wireless headphones, and even the car. It is all physical devices that connect to the Internet through technologies and collecting/sharing data. Most citizens use IoT more than once a day and feel uncomfortable if they cannot unit their device to the smartphone for any reason. Internet of Things makes our life convenient and automates daily processes in this fast-moving world. However, there is one huge disadvantage. Users are annoyed with endless native apps for each device.

With the spread of the Internet and Bluetooth, 4.0 appeared Web Bluetooth API Browsers that can provide multiplied solutions. Bluefy – web Bluetooth Browser is one of them. The app is available only for iOS users on App Store for now.

The advantages of the Bluefy app that will prove its efficiency
The application is available free of charge. It has no built-in advertising and unlimited functionality (no fees to use). The developers took care of their users and did not integrate advertising into the application. When you’re interacting with Bluefy, you don’t have to wait half a minute to do something.

The application has a high speed. Connections to third-party devices occur instantaneously. The highlight is that you are not limited in the number of devices that you can plugin. Stable operation of the application and reliability of connection are guaranteed. However, the quality, speed of the Internet should be high. Well, the technical characteristics of the devices are essential. Therefore, experiment!
The QA engineers tested Bluefy thoroughly, to be confident there was no conflict between the devices and the quality of the data protection. 
When you use the web page to configure connected devices, make sure that it has an HTTPS protocol and supports the device you try to set. Bluefy web API has a convenient design and a basic feature set. The application does not require much system memory but allows for complex customized device settings.   
You can connect smartwatches, fitness trackers, speakers, mobile lighting devices, iQOS, and other portable devices.

To customize connected devices, you can use an adapted web page with a finished set of features or create your own solutions, which will require basic web development. Therefore, the Bluefy Web Bluetooth browser is suitable for developers and ordinary users.

Currently, Web API Bluefy supports more than ten languages. For example, Czech, Japanese, Italian, German, Greek, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Romanian. The application supports iOS devices 11.0 and later.

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