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Charles & Susan:
Hello everyone,

We are going to post some tips about how to receive the
most traffic from this forum. This is fact not opinion.

1. Your subject line is the most important part of your post.
Your keywords must be in the title as the title is what shows
up in search engines. You should use the name of your program
as keywords in some way. For example if were writing about EDC

Bad subject line: Make 5,000 dollars a week.

The reason this is bad is because no one is searching for this term.

Now lets head over to Wordtracker and use their free version to see
what people are searching for. It is located here:

We type in edc gold and this is what we get:
84   edc gold
14   dave dubbs of edc gold
11   edc gold complaints
6   edc gold reviews
6   edc gold scam
3   does edc gold work
3   edc gold kevin hutto
3   information on edc gold
3   is edc gold a scam
3   jon phillips edc gold

So we want to take some of these words and use in our title.

Good subject: Are EDC Gold and David Dubbs a scam?

Now when we place our ads we would be wise to sprinkle in some of the
other keywords in our actual ad.
Not only are you using keywords that we know for a fact are being searched
for but we are also peaking curiosity. Humans are like cats, very curious.
Always ask yourself before typing your subject:
"Would I search for this term?"
If you answer no, more than likely other folks are not either.

2.When you place your ad always tick the "Notify" button so when someone
replies to your ad or ask a question you will be notified.

3. Set up your signature that will be at the bottom of every ad you place.
To do this click on "Profile" on the menu bar.Then on the left click on
"Forum Profile Information" and scroll down to signature.

We hope these tips will benefit everyone.
If you have any questions or comments fire away.

Best regards,
Charles & Susan


That is a powerful tip from you.

I will even start using it on other
forums where I participate.

Thanks for that.


--- Quote from: oluwatoyin on April 01, 2008, 04:09:32 AM ---Hi,

That is a powerful tip from you.

I will even start using it on other
forums where I participate.

Thanks for that.

--- End quote ---

Hi and thank you for the tip

Charles & Susan:
No problem. Hope it helps.


Charles & Susan


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