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Test drive RIB BRIG Falcon 620
« on: March 24, 2021, 02:52:47 pm »
Test drive RIB BRIG Falcon 620

And now the extremely roomy and powerful boat FALCON 620 has appeared.It should be noted that a feature of products with the BRIG logo is a solid margin of safety and reliability. Judging by the press release, a number of significant differences are announced in the new model.
The transom of the F620 is designed for the installation of a twin (two motors up to 80 hp), the cockpit has a minimum number of superstructures and provides maximum use of the internal space. The model, measuring the largest EAGLE, looks very similar to the boats of the FALCON Riders family.
And finally, we are at the pier. An elegant boat is already waiting for passengers. There is only one motor, today we installed an Evinrude E-Tec with a capacity of 200 hp. Immediately, I note the convenient layout of the cockpit. We sit down and set sail. A fresh breeze caught up with half-meter waves. On the move, we easily enter the planing mode and rush over the water like a bird, it seems that the name of the series justifies itself (falcon in English means a falcon).

I change to the helmsman's place - it is convenient and everything is at hand, comfort and ergonomics are BRIG's strong point. Smooth, but fast enough start and exit to planing. I try to be in different modes. I let go of the steering wheel to check the stability on the course - no complaints. We fit luxuriously into turns, smoothly and without blockages. At maximum speed, the boat shows a stable course, without yawing and swinging. There is no vibration and extraneous noise. The impression from the test is more than positive.

Our pirouettes seem to leave no one indifferent. There are more than enough people willing to test the new model in practice. I give up my seat in the boat to the next pilots.
An impromptu briefing is already in full swing on the shore. Anyone can watch a film about the production of BRIG boats (you must agree - a rare phenomenon in this industry). What you cannot deny to Kharkiv residents is openness and democracy.
I ask BRIG engineers about the concept of the new FALCON development. A fundamentally new boat was created specifically for multi-purpose use. The new generation of large boats BRIG has undergone a number of metamorphoses, the models are radically different from the previous models, and not only in design. I think that any maritime service will not refuse a spacious six-meter boat with such a carrying capacity and such running characteristics. Moreover, it is necessary to take into account the economic aspects. Ukrainian border guards have already received EAGLE boats, but still "EAGLE" are elite boats, mostly intended for sea trips and recreation.

Conclusions: the spaciousness, maneuverability and acceleration characteristics of the new boat are beyond praise. This is without any exaggeration. The F620 will be a gift for all divers, water lovers and perfect for professional use. Well, if to be honest, in a naval fashion, then, without belittling the merits of other brands, I can say: BRIG boats are always number one. Yes, you yourself know that very well.

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