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When or with whom—it’s up to us. And for those of us who are sexually active, 1 in 2 will get an STD by the time we’re 25. Statistically, that’s you or one of your friends. It’s more common than you’d think.
Getting an STD can happen to anyone. It’s normal. So why are we still uncomfortable talking about it? Especially when you can do something—like getting tested and treated.

STD testing is easier than you’d think. And because many STDs don’t have symptoms, it’s the only way to know for sure.

It’s usually just a quick swab or pee in a cup.

If you want to keep it to yourself, you can. No one needs to know.

Testing positive for an STD is just the first step toward treating it. And with common STDs, like chlamydia or gonorrhea, antibiotics can usually do the job.

You can pick one up no matter how you’re hooking up. Yup, vaginal, oral or anal sex — even genital skin-to-skin contact can spread STDs. Getting tested is a part of staying healthy.

If you want to know more information about how does STD testing work, and how much our services cost, please visit our website:

A happy and healthy sex life—with whomever, however, you want—starts by taking STD test. Testing is easy and can be cheap, fast and confidential. Break the silence, spread the facts and find a nearby lab:
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