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Good day ladies and gentlemen!

The Serggik00&Ko team welcomes you, not even a team, but rather a battalion! Many people know us from the resources of the dark web, especially the old ones, but for those who don’t know us, we’ll introduce ourselves! We have been on the darknet since 2012, since the days of such forums as Fcell and the First Infamous Flashing Lights! Our first tourism business: Car rental, air travel, hotels, excursions was opened back in 2015 and is still operating successfully on more than 200 resources around the world! We have not had a single financial arbitrage in this business for 8+ years! Our second business: Document Rendering was opened by us in 2019 and has been successfully operating in the market without arbitrage until now!

We present you with our new project: DESIGN of your projects!

We assembled a large team of professionals, trained the younger generation, and successfully conducted tests for 1 year in the clearnet! Now we are ready to show our knowledge, our quality, speed of execution and, of course, compete with our respected colleagues!

We offer you:

Design of your themes
Avatars for every taste and color
GIF animations
Website designs

Our team has always been creative, and we approach any task with soul! This topic has not been ignored either: our art involves neural networks and AI (artificial intelligence), the prices will pleasantly surprise you, we guarantee you this, as well as the speed of completing any tasks!

Know that you can always reach an agreement with us! We practice: Loans, Leasing, Installments (of course not for everyone), Barters! We will never refuse to work through the Guarantor service!

We are waiting for you, dear, beloved forumites! Serggik&Ko team time-tested quality!

OUR CONTACTS: - Our telegram (CHECK CONTACTS CAREFULLY!) - Channel with our works, reviews, promotions, etc.

Post Your Products & Services Here / Drawing service @Serggik00
« on: April 03, 2019, 09:14:53 AM »
Hello to everybody!

Many people know me on forums for years, and I have been known on other resources and friendly sites. I am an active seller in another field(seller of hotels and avia! On all resources, I have the status of a veteran, a respected moderator, a verified seller with various checks and deposits, I have thousands of reviews with thanks and many partners and friends from different countries! Today I want to present you my new drawing service @Serggik00_OtrisovcaNEW2020  which is sure you will like it and you will appreciate it in the future !!!!

To provide quality services, we Have purchased a lot of material to work on this topic, as well as professional equipment to demonstrate the best quality of the work performed. The work performed is provided to You in the form that You wish(printing,lamination,photo,scan in purified form), which guarantees high permeability,since in fact there will be no traces of editing!

Thanks to my disciplinary qualities, I have achieved the same from my team!!!

We have EVERYTHING to do all kind of work all in a short time!!!!
Bank card (CC) 8-13$

Passports (more than 40 countries) 8-12$

ID card / DL / 8-14$
Selfie from 25$

Statement BA / Bank statement with Your transactions 8-12$

Utility bill / utility Bills 4-8$

Editing Your documents

For all inquiries, contact telegram messenger:  @Serggik00_OtrisovcaNEW2020 (


Good day Ladies and Gentlemen!
I present to your attention one of the oldest services on the market! Our service on the official Darknet market has been pleasing its customers for more than 6 years! My clients are both ordinary people like us and public, media personalities: officials, stars, television stars, bloggers, businessmen, and you can list on and on! On neighboring forums, I have my own trade branches in the tourism sector, and other types of businesses! I had about 200 pages of reviews on the flashing lights! Only on one resource there are almost 2000 reviews from real living people, with whom any of you can contact on the forums! My services are used by many representatives of the AG, moderators, sellers, Dear and old people of darknet projects who will be able to confirm my words to you! I have a deposit on a neighboring resource! Our service is provided by more than 100 resources around the world! I have the status of Verified Seller, Dear, Authority, Moderator almost everywhere. Leads the Portfolio with high quality, our channel is my assistant, @btckonvertbot, who posts fresh emotions of travelers, promotions and offers in !!! He will also delight you here with photographs of tourists (Our beloved clients), and various offers from the service! The service was checked by a mystery shopper more than once, as a result of which a review was received from the Chief Administrator of one of the resources of the shadow topic and was marked by high online (I will satisfy those interested)! Online my service reaches 20 hours a day! Write me in telegram The service will be happy to advise and accompany you on vacation as good friends! We will be glad to have good clients, new acquaintances, business proposals! Please pay special attention to my contacts! My telegram nothing else! We are waiting for you at our service!



Telegram channel

All transactions are confirmed only in private messages. The guarantor is only welcomed (NEVER REFUSE GUARANTEE SERVICES)

Be careful VERY MUCH FAKES !!!

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