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Title: What Traffic Generation Method is The Best One?
Post by: tbtoyl on November 26, 2020, 04:02:19 am
 What Traffic Generation Method is The Best One? (
 Today I want to share with you a few things I wish I learned
 early on in my career online.
 If I knew what I knew now I would have already hit my first
 million and I would have got the results I get today much faster.
 So lets dive in.......
 1.) Build your email list- Look friend nothing matters more then
 building a big ole list that allows you to connect with people
 interested in what you’re selling.

 Most people ask me “What traffic generation method should
 I focus on to build a list”.
 That really comes down to your budget…I started with few methods
 like blogging and Youtube because I was down to my last dollar.
 People on email newsletters are interested in what you’re selling
 and they’re used to putting their email into a squeeze page to get
 more information.
 2.) Take care of that list like it’s your newborn.
 Realize that the people on the other end of the email have problems,
 struggles and they’re real people.
 The better relationship you form with them, the more you help them
 and the more you nurture that relationship the more it will make you
 money. One of the BEST BUSINESSES that I love: (
 3.) Build your tribe on Fb, Twitter and many other platforms
 Facebook is my favorite platform.
 It’s very easy to connect with people interested in working with you.
 Facebook lets people realize you’re a real persona not just out
 to take peoples money.
 I use Facebook to show people I’m the same person on Youtube,
 my email newsletter and my blog.
 People feel like they can message me, ask me questions
 and get help when they need it and they can.
 In fact if you’re not my friend on Facebook add me now.
 4.) Promote high ticket and recurring products
 I never made GREAT money until I stopped promoting
 small $27-$67 products that had 50% commission.

 Once I switched to products, software and businesses that had
 either high ticket products or recurring passive income
 I never made a big income online.
 When you promote high ticket products you only need a handful of customers
 every single month that will equal a six figure yearly income.
 If you promote products with recurring income you can build up
 a nice income pretty quick: (
 Stop promoting low ticket products and change over to high ticket products
 and you will see a dramatic change in your income.
 5.) Reinvest your profits - This is one thing I learned the hard way.
 When I made profits I used it to pay my bills.
 However you need to reinvest your profits to scale your business.
 A business can’t operate without being funded.
 You can bootstrap your business to get it going, but if you want
 to scale the business you need to feed it.
 Do you know One of the Best SECRETS to build a successful business?
 Write down this secret asap: "Create Connections with People ". ....apply the secret to your business :-)
** the first joint venture with my friend Paul made $87,500+ in less than 1 year, without paying a dime in advertising.
 Over 40 MILLIONS clicks delivered to our customers. Zero cost per click and we used a free website template ( domain is EOLTT.COM ) ---- The simple website still deliver clicks every day on autopilot without a single investment.
** the second connection with Giacomo Bruno made $110,000+ in 1 year, without paying a dime in advertising.
 We built a terrific product in 2 months -- in return I got amazing VISIBILITY in Italy starting from zero ( zero advertising! ).
 My brand and my business group " Gruppo Freeperclick" are real results of the amazing connection with Giacomo.
** Build giant mailing lists of subscribers that follow you ( in some lists I have 21,000+ subscribers ).
 Mailing lists are a very important factor to create excellent connections with your customers - it means THE LIFE of your business.
 Remember: your success depends by connections with people.
Meet the team with one click - (
Follow me on YouTube - (
 Do a connection on Instagram - (
 Visit my blog for business - (
 Education online for business - (
Title: Re: What Traffic Generation Method is The Best One?
Post by: fizfyservices on December 14, 2020, 07:44:09 am
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Title: Re: What Traffic Generation Method is The Best One?
Post by: tbtoyl on December 15, 2020, 05:40:16 am
THANKS for your add about socialproofs.

Yes we use them: socialmedia proofs, great content, comments, people posting their results and so on.

By the way the method to use socialproofs got an extra $60K now ( it works a lot)
Title: Re: What Traffic Generation Method is The Best One?
Post by: nisargshah on December 29, 2020, 01:59:17 am

         Traffic can be generated on websites through blogging, social bookmarking, posting advertisements, by writing an article and Press Release.