Author Topic: How Can I Start a Turnkey Business?  (Read 121 times)

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How Can I Start a Turnkey Business?
« on: October 08, 2021, 04:26:29 AM »
 How Can I Start a Turnkey Business?
 What if you actually shut out those negatives thoughts in your head and you actually listened to what someone successful told you to do and followed the steps to get results?
 I was just talking to a buddy and he was telling me how he’s on pace to make $1OOK his very first year online.
 So I asked him, what’s your secret?
 To be honest I was a bit amazed because I struggled a long time before I hit success myself. So he told me just tapped into this system, followed what the coaches told him to do and now he’s getting consistent sales.
 During our conversation one thing really shocked me. He said……”I don’t understand why so many people struggle when they don’t have to”.
 Then it struck me, he’s right.
 Even when I started out in this industry I wanted to overcomplicate things and let myself think the successful people must know something I don’t.
 However my friend here come into this business with the right attitude and he never once let it cross his mind that he would fail.
 He said……I just joined, followed what the steps told me and made money and then scaled up.
 I will be honest, it took me years to figure out how easy this business really is and he figured it out in months of starting. The only difference was he followed the system and I tried to make up my own way of doing things.
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