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Market value given these rights , value expressed by the price investors are willing to pay for it to get them through actions . Obviously, the stock price of a company that expects significant increases in profit in the coming period will increase , while the shares of a company that stagnates or declines recorded activity will decrease. The price is influenced by the perception that investors have on the prospects of the issuer shares , perception that forms as a result of analyzes must consider many factors as at as estimated evolution of the economic and capital market sector dynamics company activity , its ability to maintain or increase market share , quality management , asset official news sent by the company ( about gaining new sales contracts , entering new markets area , investments, changes management, changing the structure of major shareholders , profits ) analysts’ estimates submitted by analysis reports , press articles, general investor sentiment and market psychology , technical analysis signals etc. For investment in shares can win either dividends or share of the appreciation or both situations . Investors prefer investing in shares because long-term actions had higher yields bonds or bank deposits. Before you invest in stocks online investment, investors should be prepared to take risks , ie to consider the possibility of recording losses in certain market conditions . In simple terms, risk can be defined as uncertainty of outcome. The increased risk is associated with high income potential . investing


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