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Ukrainian Brig in the USA
« on: March 03, 2021, 07:29:36 pm »
Ukrainian Brig in the USA

The popularity of BRIG inflatable boats in the West is due to their high quality of manufacture, light weight, excellent seaworthiness, ease of operation, transportation, storage and high carrying capacity. The draft is small, the stability is excellent, and practically no maintenance is required. The durable fiberglass bottom provides maximum rigidity to the entire structure, allows for a powerful motor, additional equipment and increases the level of comfort.
One of the American BRIG dealers is Hampton Watercraft & Marine. It is a family business founded by Tony Villareale thirty years ago in the east of Long Island. This is a modern developing marina with three offshore structures on the water.

Like all American BRIG dealers, Hampton Watercraft & Marine is very pleased to have started cooperation with the Ukrainian brand. Its customers have the best impressions of Kharkiv boats. For the United States, this is a relatively inexpensive product that quickly conquered the American powerboat market.

One of the most recent examples of Hampton Watercraft & Marine's professional work is the custom-tailored BRIG fishing boat with a fiberglass T-roof, stylish rod holders, powerful lights, special covers for the helmsman's seat, control panel and rudder.

Today BRIG is the world's largest manufacturer of RIB-class inflatable boats, a trendsetter in the world powerboat market.

In Ukraine, you can order any model of RIBs BRIG, our experts will help you choose the right engine, choose the necessary configuration, additional equipment, tents, equipment and equipment for recreation on the water. Our service center carries out all the necessary pre-sale preparation of the boat, installation and testing of all systems, installation and engine running-in. We will bring you your purchase on a trailer anywhere in the world. You will only have to enjoy your purchase for many years. Whichever model you choose, it will be a reliable, safe and comfortable boat that will surprise you with its capabilities on the water.

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