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Robert here,

I'd like to extend an invite to all the membership to stop by and visit Wise Move Safelist.


As a token of appreciation to Charles and Susan, all FAF members can simply sign up as a
Free Member and click on the "Customer Support" button on site and just send me a message
"I'm an FAF member please upgrade my membership".

I'll upgrade your Free Membership to a Lifetime Pro Membership absolutely free!

Check it out, I'm dedicated to bringing great resources and products to the site.

I'm usually online M - F very late evenings and all day Sat & Sun, don't hesitate
instant messaging me anytime.

Robert here,

I use this site all the time... it's part of a weekly & monthly routine I have to get members to my small site. I blast ads and emails weekly and submit my sites to search engines monthly.

I'll tell you that with any blaster product just because your blasting to millions you'll be lucky to get 1 or 2 replies per blast (this will improve based upon the success of your ad and product). But that's what blasting is all about as far as I'm concerned because it's one of the lowest cost ways to advertise.

If you track you blasts using a site like TrackThatAd, here's my referal link -> , it's free and you'll be able setup your link(s) to monitor your responses and learn what ads and products bring you the best response with each blast, I use an acronym and date coding to track my ads e.g., my link above  faf060108 = Free Adz Forum June 01, 2008.

I enjoy blasting products because it reminds me of fishing and getting the replies to my ads is exciting, best of all there's no additional cost, just the one time cost for the particular blaster and then just my time and effort.

This product in particular is a great value considering it's only a one time purchase. -> BlastYourAd ->

Your not only getting the online ability to blast ads, your able to submit your site to search engines, submit to FFA sites, free software and too many other goodies to mention and best of all everything is all in one site to really support your marketing efforts at a very low one time cost.

But you'll have to work it routinely to see any results over time, your just not going to get flooded with customers overnight with blasters...

Hope this helps you, please stop by and join my safelist as a free member, use this link -> and because your an FAF member just contact me using the "Customer Support" button on the site and send me a request to upgrade you to a Pro Membership free.

Oh and if you really wamt to try your hand at blasting let me know and I'll send you a site that I call blasting heaven!  ::) Rene and her husband are great people and Rene has this awesome site for blasting die hards like myself.

If you decide to purchase the product it would be great to hear from you and if you find that you'd like to promote the product let me know and I'll incorporate your referal id in the link above so you get credit, that goes for TrackThatAd too.

Referral Banners / Re: Banner referral sign up here.
« on: May 31, 2008, 06:09:00 PM »
Hi Charles & Susan,

Thank you for this great site!

Already I'm learning about the value of keywords and how they can improve my ads thanks to your Keyword link on your introduction posting.

I just wanted to check with you both...

I copied and pasted your banner on my site and when I tested it I don't see my name anywhere in the link where the signup occurs. And when I clicked to fill out a new application the "Referral" box is blank, is this the way it should be?

Is the coding all hidden or is there something wrong with the way my site is treating my referal link?

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